Album view is not displaying any photos.

Go to the settings icon on your iPhone. Select General > Location Services and make sure the "Genius" icon switch is turned on. This allows for two things. We can display photos in Camera Genius you have taken and it records the location information to your photos that you take. Just like the default apple camera. This is a security feature from apple. When you deny location information from camera genius, we no longer have access to any photos you take because your location may appear in the exif data of the photo.

For more information on why this is necessary please see this link.

Camera Genius will not start, crashes, displays the wrong icon or was corrupted during downloading.

First make sure the iPhone camera features have not been disabled. If so other camera apps will also not work. To check for this click the settings icon on your iPhone. Then select General > Restrictions and make sure that if the restrictions are enabled that Camera restrictions switch is in the on position..

If that doesn't help, Please follow the steps below to fix this problem.

1. Delete Camera Genius from your iPhone.
2. Reboot your iPhone.
3. Go into itunes and delete Camera Genius from the itunes applications library.
4. Then re-download it direct to your iPhone from the app store on the phone. You will not be charged again since you have already bought it once.
5. Reboot one more time just to make sure everything is properly installed.
6. Use Camera Genius.

Auto-focus/Tap to focus is not working.

This feature works only in iphone models that support it, namely iPhone 3Gs and higher models.

Unable to delete photos when reviewing photos.

At this time the ability to delete photos is not yet available to developers. I have contacted apple requesting they add this to the developer SDK. If and when they do we will add the ability to delete photos into our app. In the meantime, please use apple's built-in photo app (The icon with the sunflower entitled Photos).

Does it work with all iPhone models?

It does work with iPhone's with iOS 4 or higher. (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th generation (the one with the camera)).

Picture Taking is slow.

Do you have anti-shake turned on? If yes, it is waiting for your hand to become steady before it takes the shot. So be sure to keep your hand steady and the shot will snap. You can also turn off anti-shake for faster picture taking.

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